Body Dryer

Body Dryer Ultra

By Tornado Body Dryer, LLC

“This thing is wonderful. It dries not just my head, not just my legs, but my entire body from head-to-toes… and… I don’t have to step out of my shower to get dry. I stay in my shower – nice and warm – while I dry in total luxury and safety”

100% Veteran Owned and Operated.

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How does the Body Dryer Ultra differ from the original Tornado Body Dryer?

The Tornado Body Dryer has been updated and refined over the years to incorporate the latest and greatest technology. To reflect this evolution, we felt a new name was in order. Thus, the name Body Dryer Ultra was born. The Tornado Body Dryer and the Body Dryer Ultra are one and the same. Both are owned and distributed by Tornado Body Dryer, LLC