Photo of Richard next to Body Dryer Ultra

Body Dryer Ultra

There’s nothing like a hot, relaxing shower to loosen your muscles and joints, but having to step out to grab a towel when you are done can tense everything back up as soon as you are hit by cooler air. Well, what if you didn’t have to step out of the shower to get dry?

The Body Dryer Ultra blows warm, gentle air over the entire length of your body after turning the water off. You can stay inside the steamy heat left over from the shower while effectively drying every inch of you, from head to toe. This warm air, hands-free body dryer gives you a luxurious, spa-like experience, right in your own bathroom.

Not only does the Body Dryer Ultra keep you comfortable after a shower, it also prevents you from having to twist and turn to try to reach every area of your body. While this is convenient for everyone, the elderly and those with disabilities especially benefit from this dryer system, as it can help prevent falls or unnecessary pain that may come with wet feet and towel drying.

If you are interested in the Body Dryer Ultra, contact a representative to learn more about the highest-selling body dryer in the world.

“This thing is wonderful. It dries not just my head, not just my legs, but my entire body from head-to-toe and I don’t have to step out of my shower to get dry. I stay in my shower — nice and warm — while I dry in total luxury and safety.” — Body Dryer Ultra customer
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