Photo of Richard next to Body Dryer Ultra

Body Dryer Ultra

If you are interested in the Body Dryer Ultra, contact a representative to learn more about the highest-selling body dryer in the world.
“This thing is wonderful.  It dries not just my head, not just my legs, but my entire body from head-to-toe and I don’t have to step out of my shower to get dry.  I stay in my shower — nice and warm — while I dry in total luxury and safety.” — Body Dryer Ultra customer
     Questions?  Call 949-481-7399                                                               100% Veteran-Owned and Operated

NOTE:  The Body Dryer Ultra and the Tornado Body Dryer are exactly the same.  The Tornado Body Dryer has been updated and improved over the years, and we felt a new name was in order.  During the transition to the new name, we are maintaining two websites/names.